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Basis Size - The standard size for a grade of paper that is used to determine the basis weight - usually 25x38 or 22x36.

Basis Weight - 25 X 38 is the Basis Size for book papers. Basis Weight The weight of a ream (500 sheets) of paper in the Basis Size for that grade of paper.

Bleed(s) - an image or printed color that extends off the trimmed edge of a page. Bleeds on one or more of the edges of a page usually increase the amount of paper needed as well as production cost. Bleeds are created by trimming the page after printing.

BinHex - An encoding scheme that converts binary data into ASCII characters. Any file, whether it be a graphics file, a text file, or a binary executable file, can be converted to BinHex. This format is particularly valuable for transferring files from one platform to another because nearly all computers can handle ASCII files. In fact, many e-mail programs include a BinHex encoder and decoder for sending and receiving attachments. BinHex is an especially common format for Macintosh files. Encoded files usually have a .HQX extension.

Closed Head - The top of the signature produced by a fold, presenting a solid surface when opened at the center; the signature can be opened easily and at the center; the signature can be opened easily and accurately, for rapid feeding.

Coated Paper - Paper with mineral and chemical substances applied to the surface to achieve higher opacity, brightness and special properties for printing; produced in glossy or dull (matte) finishes.

Coated One Side (C1S) - paper that is coated on one side only.

Color Separation - separating full-color artwork or photography into the three primary colors plus black, either in negative or positive form, with one piece of film for each color. The primary colors are cyan (blue), magenta (red), and yellow.

Copy - Any furnished material to be used for reproduction; also called Camera-ready Copy.

Embossed - Finish Paper with a raised or depressed surface resembling wood, cloth, leather or other pattern. Film Lamination bonding plastic film by heat and pressure or adhesives.

Film - lamination is used to protect the cover or dust jacket.

Four Color Process - The printing process in which full-color reproduction is obtained by printing successive images from photographic plates in yellow, magenta, cyan and black inks; also called Process Color and Full Color Printing.

Halftone - The reproduction of continuous-tone artwork, such as a photograph, through a Crossline or Contact Screen, which converts the image into dots of various sizes.

Long Grain - Paper made with the machine direction of fibers in the longest dimension of the sheet.

Overrun - Copies printed in excess of the specified quantity.

Page - One side of a leaf; may be abbreviated as p. or pg. Page counts should always be a multiple of eight.

Portable Document Format (PDF) - The native file format for Adobe Systems' Acrobat. PDF is the file format for representing documents in a manner that is independent of the original application software, hardware, and operating system used to create those documents. A PDF file can describe documents containing any combination of text, graphics, and images in a device-independent and resolution independent format. These documents can be one page or thousands of pages, very simple or extremely complex with a rich use of fonts, graphics, color and images.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) - an ink color system widely used in the graphic arts. The PMS system identifies more than 700 colors, provides designers with swatches for specific colors, and gives printers the formulas for creating those colors.

Run - The total number of copies ordered (length of run). Runs should be counted in multiples of 500. There is typically an Overrun of 10 % to account for spoilage in the various areas of the manufacturing process.

Short Grain - Paper made with the machine direction of the majority of fibers in the shortest sheet dimension.

Signature - A group of 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, etc., pages folded as a unit; also called Section.

Stamping - Transferring an impression from a die by the application of heat and pressure; commonly used to decorate cases. Usually done with the addition of a foil which is transferred from a carrier membrane to a case.

Trim Size - the size of the final page after trimming and binding.

UV Coating - a liquid, glossy coating applied to the cover or dust jacket and dried with ultraviolet (UV) light. Note: not recommended for covers with heavy coverage of dark colors.

Varnish - a coating printed on top of a printed sheet of paper to protect it. The varnish may be applied over the entire sheet or in certain areas.

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