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Trim Size Makes a Difference
Browse our series of production planners designed to help you become better acquainted with the book manufacturing opportunities here at Rose. Check the capabilities page for a detailed list of our equipment.

Harris M-110 Web

The Trim Size you choose can be price effective IF you use the maximum the M-110 has to offer!

Infeed SectionInfeed section of the web press can accommodate single or multiple rolls, includes a system for roll-changes, and the tensioning system to ensure correct feed for high-speed printing.
Print TowersPrint Towers contain the plate and blanket cylinders, the dampening system and offset inking system for each unit. Each Tower prints a separate color on both sides of the web simultaneously (known as a perfecting press).
Dryer SectionDryer section is critical in web printing to achieve high-speed drying of the ink to ensure optimum print quality while retaining maximum paper moisture.
Chill RollsChill Rolls cool the printed ink films and heated paper web after it emerges from the dryer.
FinishingFinishing can include a wide range of in-line operations including sheeting, folding, scoring, perforating and other more specialized finishing processes such as gluing and special folds.

These show some of the trim sizes and signatures that give you maximum use of two roll sizes that are commonly stocked.

Rose offers you an Advantage with our Triple web for black only books. If you have a Trim Size not shown, please call and let us find out how we can produce that Trim Size!

Trim 17x13

Trim 8.5x13

Trim 8.5x11

Trim 8.5x5.5

Trim 8.


Timsons T32 Web

The Timsons Web is best for short-run books, 1,000 copies and above. Long grain trim sizes 6"x9" to 7½"x9¾".


Timsons 32 page

Timsons 2-32 pages
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